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At Montran India, we leverage our decades of global experience, our intuitive and in-depth understanding of the Indian financial landscape and a portfolio of cutting edge solutions to give you a customized and world class experience and help you keep your money moving, 24/7.

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Our varied cutting-edge solutions cater to the following areas of banking and finance:


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From cloud platforms to industry experts providing system support, we provide round-the-clock services to meet your business needs every day.

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Mastercard Send: A Montran Case Study

Mastercard Send: A Montran Case Study

The global landscape of payments and transactions is changing rapidly. It has been well-established that secure, accessible and affordable payment systems not only nurture development but also enhance financial inclusion and stability. The recent pandemic has brought...

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Montran and AI: From Insight to Intelligence

Montran and AI: From Insight to Intelligence

Disruptive technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have opened many doors for the finance sector when it comes to understanding data. They are helping institutions to streamline processes, optimize portfolios, decrease risk and...

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Dec 2020

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Nov 2021

A milestone achieved, yet again

Montran achieved another milestone with its Clearing gateway NEFT module, recording over 10 million transactions in a single day, an all-time high for a commercial bank.


Jul 2021

Montran at EBAday 2021

As a Corporate sponsor for EBAday 2021, Montran was a part of the Payments transformation journey to understand future trends and strategic development of the European payments landscape.