Quality Assurance

From analysis and architecture to design and development, Montran's Quality Assurance service supports Montran’s unparalleled product offering with comprehensive manual and automation testing.


Key Aspects

  • Rigorously enforced quality standards throughout all stages of application development.
  • Dedicated technical team to carry out functionality, usability, UI and non-functional testing.
  • Extensive QA process encompassing requirement analysis, test planning, test case preparation, execution and reporting.
  • Flexible testing practice that can adapt to the principles of Waterfall, Agile and V-model software development.
  • QA Services

    User Acceptance Testing

    • Certified Testing team to perform User Acceptance Testing on behalf of end users
    • Day-to-day Defect and Test Execution status report
    • Quick turn-around time for bug resolution
    • Product training and go-live support

    Performance Testing

    • Comprehensive check for speed, scalability, stability and reliability of software in client environment
    • Review of responsiveness and resource usage in client environment
    • Prompt modifications to fill the gaps and increase output basis outcomes of testing

    Automation Testing Package

    • Provision of automated regression test packages for launch or maintenance purposes
    • End-to-end testing scenarios provided as per the scope of requirements
    • Faster time-to-market, increased efficiency and higher test coverage
    • Framework and automation tool expertise

    Functional Testing

    • Validation of functional flow at module level
    • Overall Functionality testing of the system

    System Integration Testing

    • Validation of interfacing between various modules of the software system
    • Integration testing of Montran’s software with the bank’s systems

    Test Management

    • Certified Test Managers to drive the project
    • On Time and high quality delivery
    • Collaboration with customers to achieve better outputs and exceed customer expectations
    • Proposal of Best Practices for QA activities

    Key Benefits

    Cost Optimization

    A major advantage that Montran’s QA service offers is the reduced operational costs thanks to process optimization, regression testing and much more ensuring solutions that perform consistently, reliably and cost-effectively.

    Credibility and Authenticity

    Montran’s QA service begins with a comprehensive requirement analysis, user scenarios, functionality and usability testing and automation, which means clients end up with quality products that abide by predefined quality parameters and generate additional business.

    Better Customer Relationship

    With a dedicated technical team to ensure an all-round QA process, rigorous testing and adherence to standards, these processes inspire confidence and drive better customer relationships.