Application Support

Harness Montran’s in-depth expertise, industry leading service and superior product support with round-the-clock and relentless on-site and off-site upkeep and maintenance of the infrastructure.


Key Aspects

  • 24/7 on-site and off-site support
  • Quick, efficient and personalized assistance for continual banking operations
  • Meticulous planning and practice of preventive maintenance for high uptime of servers and database
  • Application and database administration support for issues, enhancements, updates and knowledge transfer
  • Competent support personnel for product migration and upgradation of services from old to new systems
  • Well informed team that stays up-to-date with regulatory changes and technologies and is future-ready to adapt to changes
  • Support Services

    Primary Services

    • Round-the-clock support and application maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted business
    • Pro-active application monitoring and fine-tuning
    • Dedicated team for planning and execution of data migration and integration

    Product Maintenance Services

    • Efficient management of product releases
    • Management of routine support activities
    • Knowledge transfer and transition, as and when necessary

    Technical Support

    • Resolution of any runtime operational issues
    • Application enhancements and periodic releases, as per customer requirements
    • Relevant documentation for product understanding and ease-of-use
    • Regular status reviews with customers

    Key Benefits

    End-to-End Support

    From upgradation and maintenance to performance analysis and functionality review, the Application Support team delivers end-to-end services that encompass all aspects of product implementation. The team conforms to all evolving IT standards and the latest technologies to deliver top-notch service.

    Zero Downtime

    With dedicated teams to support on-site and off-site product set-up, the Application Support service ensures that all discrepancies that may arise from processing of large volumes of data are identified and eliminated quickly, resulting in minimal or zero downtime to the customer.

    Resource Efficiency

    On-site support for performance-ready financial products require an extensive knowledge of products and their capabilities. The Montran team’s deep understanding of its products, application knowledge and technical know-how contributes to a quick-thinking team that is effective and enables significant optimization of resources.