Cross Border Remittances

Montran’s Cross Border Remittances module facilitates a secure, fast and efficient cross-border payment through the global SWIFT messaging network that integrates with major clearing systems around the world. It is capable of Straight Through Processing of both inward and outward remittances.


Key Features

  • Smart Payment Routing
  • Multi-currency support
  • Efficient rule-based charging & billing modules
  • Forex rate integration & maintenance
  • Third party advice & statement generation
  • Maintenance of local and international clearing codes and rules
  • Special message processing (MT n92, n95, n96, n99)
  • Funds control and liquidity management
  • Seamless interfacing with compliance/sanction filter solutions
  • Support for cover payment processing
  • Reconciliation via nostro statements
  • SWIFT CBPR+ support and ISO 20022 processing capabilities
  • Solution Components

    Key Benefits

    Client Focus

    Commercial Banks