Settlement Exchange System

Montran’s Settlement Exchange System (SES) is an end-to-end interface between the country’s stock exchanges and participants’ core banking system to enable time-bound settlement.


Key Features

  • Time bound settlement of funds using Straight-Through Processing (STP)
  • Real-time balance inquiry
  • Execution of multi-level standing instructions with lien marking and unmarking
  • Ad hoc response generation as per exchange houses
  • Ad hoc master maintenance
  • Facilitates Straight-Through Processing with NSE via SFMS
  • Supports legacy formats used by other exchanges
  • Complete audit trail and reporting
  • Solution Components

    Key Benefits

    Comprehensive Overview

    SES provides an overview of the settlements to be received and those that are due to the participants on the settlement date resulting in a thorough insight throughout the settlement lifecycle.

    Real-Time Balance

    SES provides real-time inquiry of balance, ensuring transparency and constant awareness of settlements.

    Secure Settlements

    With SES, participants have the ability to conduct settlements securely with other participants ensuring assured and irrevocable settlements that participants can verify. 

    Client Focus

    Commercial Banks
    Corporates & NBFC