Salary Processing

Montran’s Salary Processing module is a bespoke solution designed for banks to process their corporate customers’ salary disbursement.


Key Features

  • Bulk upload of the corporate’s data repository
  • Support for all proprietary file formats
  • Intra-bank (OnUs) and Inter-bank (OffUs) payment settlement
  • Multi-level authorization
  • Rule-based payment segregation
  • Encryption and decryption of payment files to ensure data security
  • Solution Components

    Key Benefits

    Easy Integration

    The Salary Processing module integrates with the bank’s internal systems to deliver an end-to-end functionality for payment processing, corporate data maintenance, consolidated and non-consolidated posting to back office systems, management of returned payments and much more.

    Multiple Payment Channels

    Salary Processing handles the transfer of payments across essential payment modes such as, NEFT, IMPS and NACH that provides a seamless and inclusive system to accommodate all types of accounts and transmission requests.

    Diligent Accounting

    Salary Processing’s accounting feature provides an enhanced overview of actual debits and credits by using pool accounts and non-pointer accounts. 

    Client Focus

    Commercial Banks
    Corporates & NBFC