Real Time Gross Settlement

Montran’s RTGS solution, designed to be part of the central banking infrastructure, is a powerhouse featuring a rich user interface that processes large volumes of transactions and credit payments while interfacing with a full range of payment gateways.


Key Features

  • Advanced monitoring and support for ISO 20022 standard message formats
  • Improved performance alerts and support for cluster installation
  • Replication solutions at database or storage level
  • Support for SWIFT-based and VPN local network message transport
  • Processing and settlement of large-value credit payments against guaranteed funds
  • Prevents any participant from defaulting
  • Maintenance of settlement accounts in real-time
  • Accepts and processes net settlement instructions for clearing houses
  • Solution Components

    Key Benefits

    Advanced Configuration

    RTGS is made using a modern Java EE architecture that provides support for ISO 20022 message standards, cluster installation and replication at database as well as storage levels ensuring consistently high-quality performance.

    High Capacity Processing

    RTGS is designed with a rich user interface to deliver a sleek platform for processing large volumes of transactions and maintain smooth and reliable performance while being an operationally light application. 

    Wide Interfacing Capabilities

    RTGS interfaces with Clearing Houses and real-time payment settlement systems including POS, MasterCard, VISA, National Switches and much more. It also interfaces to Multiple Securities Depositories, including Montran’s CSD, for DvP transfers, Repos etc. 

    Broad Spectrum of Services

    RTGS offers a range of value-added services including liquidity management, anti-money laundering, risk and custom-reporting, tracking and real-time monitoring. Montran’s central RTGS offers extensibility thanks to customization across areas like security and ACH interfacing, general ledger and government integration.

    Client Focus

    Central Banks