National Electronic Funds Transfer

Montran’s National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) solution accepts payment data from any host system in any standard or proprietary format and interfaces with the regulatory, thus providing a secure, fast infrastructure to process high-volume transactions.


Key Features

  • Capability to accept individual and bulk payment files from multiple channels
  • Online payment entry facility with core banking integration
  • 24/7 transaction processing capability with limit management for corporates
  • Processing of sub-member, virtual Account Payments
  • Efficient liquidity management and real-time monitoring
  • End of day reconciliation with the central system
  • Ability to handle transactions that failed in B+2 settlements.
  • Batch wise auto-settlement
  • Ability to release inward credits by user intervention
  • Complete audit trail and reporting
  • Solution Components

    Key Benefits

    Client Focus

    Commercial Banks