Electronic Fixed Deposit Receipt

E-FDR is a solution for banks to comply with the National Stock Exchange’s regulation to submit E-FDRs in electronic form.


Key Features

  • Support for all E-FDR message types
  • Bulk upload feature
  • Multi back-office interfacing
  • User-based profile access
  • MIS and Report generation
  • Host-to-host connectivity
  • Network protocol independent
  • Database and operating system independent
  • Solution Components

    Key Benefits

    Easy Browser-Based Access

    E-FDR is built on a browser-based thin client that provides easy access to information, key insights and functionality. The module also provides for bulk upload making processing FDRs faster and simpler.


    Montran’s E-FDR module is flexible and works independent of network protocols and operating systems. This means it can easily integrate into any existing banking infrastructure without having to make any extensive upgrades or modifications to the system and database framework.

    Better Contingency

    With electronic issuance of FDRs, the process reduces gaps created due to physical FDR and enhances the security and resistance to frauds and risks created by paper processing.

    Client Focus

    Commercial banks
    Corporates & NBFC