Debt Operations and Management Software

Montran’s DOMS delivers a one-stop depository designed to enable governments to have an accurate and systematic view of their debt-related activities.


Key Features

  • Provisions of back-to-back lending of debt/financial instruments passed on to other agencies with same or varied terms
  • Disbursement and Debt Service Flow forecasting
  • Debt service payments forecasting by financial instrument
  • Cost and risk analysis with liability management operations analysis including debt restructuring
  • Project expenditures tracking and monitoring throughout their lifecycle
  • Comprehensive accrual accounting and market valuation capabilities
  • Interface with cash settlement system and other systems for information exchange
  • The BIS principles on netting, clearing and settlement
  • The BIS principles on Delivery versus Payment Model
  • Supports SWIFT ISO 15022 and 20022
  • Complete audit trail, recovery and reporting facility
  • Compatible with reporting standard formats by WBG and IMF
  • Solution Components

    Key Benefits

    Granular Monitoring

    DOMS enables governments to empower their debt operations. With features like granular overview, reporting and monitoring of all government-led borrowing and lending activities, DOMS helps to develop a transparent, emergency-ready public financial management framework.

    Informed Decision-Making

    DOMS enables disbursement and debt-service payments projections that arms the treasury department with key parameters and accurate forecasts that further support the decision-making process.

    Smart Reporting

    With capabilities to generate in-depth reports and conduct risk analysis at portfolio levels, DOMS delivers comprehensive analytics that aid in taking well-backed decisions based on a sound overview of the data.

    Client Focus

    Central Banks