Data Exchange Module

Montran’s Data Exchange Module (DEM) is designed specifically for commercial banks that are registered with NPCI as CTS participants. It interfaces with the Central Clearing House (CCH) to enable data and image exchange for secure cheque processing. 


Key Features

  • HTTPS protocol for secure message exchange and SFTP for file exchange
  • Usage of hardware security module for storage, signing and encryption
  • Data reconciliation capabilities during inward and outward presentation of cheques
  • Periodic checks for un-retrieved inward files and retrieval of the same from the CCH
  • Switchover scenario contingency plan with file retrieval from primary and secondary CH
  • Restricted SFTP transmission of data based on NPCI guidelines
  • Configurable file retrieval with efficient download of files every FTP session
  • Decryption and signature verification of all files
  • Solution Components

    Key Benefits

    Lightweight Application

    DEM is a completely lightweight application that can be deployed on cloud ensuring low maintenance, minimal infrastructure support as well as fast deployment. In addition, DEM utilizes minimal cloud resources making its cost-saving capabilities extremely efficient.

    CTS Integration

    DEM can be seamlessly integrated with the bank’s existing Cheque Truncation System (CTS). With Montran’s dedicated cloud support, clients can look forward to a hassle-free implementation of DEM on the existing core banking infrastructure.

    Secure Certified Transfer

    DEM enables a completely secure exchange of messages and files on HTTPS and SFTP protocols. This means all data is encrypted, signed, verified and decrypted with added confidentiality.

    Client Focus

    Commercial Banks