Central Securities Depository

Montran Central Securities Depository (CSD) solution spans the full range of depository and information management catering to participants of fixed income securities (bonds, bills, notes, certificates of deposit) as well as equities (stocks, cross listed securities) in local and foreign currency.


Key Features

  • Standardized interfacing with banking systems and interface with a cash settlement system (RTGS or ATS)
  • Auction module with provision for auction processing and management
  • Schedules and routes interest and redemptions payments
  • The core principles of payment systems set out by the Bank for International Settlement (BIS)
  • The BIS principles on netting, clearing and settlement
  • The BIS principles on Delivery versus Payment Model 1 (and 2)
  • Real-time position monitoring, full audit and reporting
  • Multi-currency and multilingual system
  • Solution Components

    Key Benefits


    The CSD system can perform efficient instrument management, auction management, over-the-secondary-market operations and DvP settlement process for primary and secondary market. Automatic calculation and processing of interest, coupon and corporate actions are additional roles that CSD performs.

    Complete Compliance

    Montran CSD complies with a range of national and international regulations that govern payments, netting, clearing and settlement. From BIS principles to ISO and SWIFT standards, for security and other functionalities.

    Scalability Redefined

    CSD packs transaction processing that goes from a few transactions to tens of thousands per day delivering scalability that aligns with the size of operations. Clients can adapt quickly to unusually high demands of processing.

    Standard Formats Support

    • ISO 17799 – Security

    • ISO 9362 – Bank Identifier Codes

    • ISO 6166 – ISIN (International Security Identification Number)

    • ISO 3166 – Codes (Countries)

    • ISO 4217 – Currency Code List

    • SWIFT ISO 15022 and 20022

    Client Focus

    Central Banks