Automated Clearing House

Montran’s ACH offers a turnkey solution for processing high-priority payments and VIP cheques and is accompanied by round-the-clock clearing and extensive monitoring of recurring payments and balances.


Key Features

  • ACH payment entry and processing using standard message formats with or without image records
  • Support for ISO 20022, X9, NACHA, SWIFT XML, bulk payment and country specific message formats
  • Integration with the Montran Mandate Management, Dispute Management and AML modules
  • Cheque truncation and data capture from cheques at the point of presentment, including image capture
  • Capability to carry over queues and balances between intraday clearing cycles
  • Real-time monitoring, including count and volumes of payments in sessions or daily totals, actual and projected positions, account balances
  • Secure, encrypted, digitally signed, interactive communication for system monitoring and file exchange
  • Processing high priority payments or VIP cheques in real time mode with continuous settlement.
  • A multi-currency and multi-lingual system
  • Complete audit trail, recovery and reporting facility
  • Solution Components

    Key Benefits

    Comprehensive Monitoring

    ACH delivers a comprehensive monitoring of account balances and projected cash positions for both the operator and participating institutions, in turn aiding better insight and decision making.


    The ACH system delivers a modular component structure to meet individual requirements with the flexibility to scale on demand. It is designed to handle network service changes with zero disruption.

    High Security

    ACH offers highly secure, encrypted communication for system monitoring and file exchange. Its Risk Management capabilities include backup and contingency arrangements that enhance operational reliability.

    Client Focus

    Central Banks