Transaction Processing Hub

Montran’s Transaction Processing Hub (TPH) brings in Montran’s 40+ years of Global Payments experience under one umbrella. TPH is a centralized system that supports payment transactions across channels and businesses, creating a fully unified banking platform. TPH enables banks to move away from the silo approach to a centralized payment processing solution, thus significantly reducing time-to-market and maintenance cost.


Key Features

  • Flexible and configurable software functionality
  • Open-source and browser based technology
  • Domestic & cross border payments
  • Multi-payment, multi-institution, multi-currency solutions
  • High level of Straight-Through-Processing (STP)
  • Enhancements developed on demand with quick TAT
  • Modular design enables shorter time to market
  • SWIFT CBPR+ certified
  • ISO 20022 compliant
  • Open banking API support
  • Support for real time payments
  • 24x7x365 operation support
  • Solution Components


    • Payment Instructions – Validation, Authorization
    • Commission / Fee/ Forex Rate Retrieval
    • Risk Management
    • Tracking Payment Instructions Status
    • Routing Derivation


    • Payment Attributes Identification and Validation
    • Payment Reading, Processing and Conversion
    • Payment Processing Rules
    • Payment Processing and Execution
    • Duplicate Check


    • Data Enrichment
    • Routing Derivation
    • Forex Rates, Fees and Charges Confirmation
    • Payment Data Management
    • Customer/Limits/Balance Check


    • Cross-Border Payments and Remittances/Domestic Clearing
    • Correspondent/Respondent Bank Clearing
    • Exchange House
    • Nostro/Inter-branch/Liquidity Management
    • Treasury Confirmation/Rejection
    • Transaction/Account Reconciliation
    • SWIFT GPI Compliance


    • Real-Time Payments Settlement
    • Daily Settlement of Funds via RTGS, NEFT, ACH, etc


    • Clearing Agreements/SLA Management
    • Payment Instructions Warehousing
    • Account/Transaction/EOD Reconciliation
    • 24*7 Operation Support

    Key Benefits

    Intuitive Technology

    With an open system architecture that interweaves the latest technology and a smooth interface, TPH provides secure handling of payment, clearance and settlements with relentless confidentiality.

    Unsurpassed Standards

    Each module supports industry-standard and proprietary data formats with proven capability to process high volumes of requests. TPH also offers interoperability through the use of standardized Java API (JDBC, JMS, JTA, JCA), interface adapters and SOA integration.

    Amplified Security

    TPH follows Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) recommendations to mitigate any system vulnerabilities. Data access security through both digital signature and encryption based on Public Key Technology and a multi-level approval policy means all information is secured with manifold protection. TPH has also successfully undergone Security Brigade's White-box Web application Penetration testing and is certified as secure.

    Business Agility

    TPH offers end-to-end product deployments that are expansion-ready enabling rapid process scaling and faster product evolution. This in turn enables the ability to quickly introduce new services and expand business offerings that directly impact the business objectives.

    Client Focus

    Commercial Banks
    Corporates & NBFC